An organized kitchen means a happy chef, and a happy chef cooks better meals. There are several simple ways to help get a kitchen neat and tidy.

A kitchen can quickly become a clutter magnet –coupons and junk mail pile up on a corner of the counter, while spices and other ingredients become impossible to find in a crowded cupboard. Fortunately for flustered chefs, there are several simple ways to improve the storage space and organization of any kitchen in a matter of minutes. Following a few, quick and easy guidelines can cook and clean up the kitchen a breeze.

How to Use Kitchen Cupboards for Storage

Kitchen cupboards are a hot spot for messes in many kitchens. It’s easy to stick a jar or can into a cabinet and watch the clutter multiply with every shopping trip. However, there are some easy ways to organize spice jars, canned goods, and other items in any kitchen.

Invest in a couple of lazy Susan turntables to put into cupboards or a kitchen pantry. They can be held in place with a screw or some sticky tack while the table portion is left free to turn—store spice containers on top of a lazy Susan to keep them visible, organized, and reachable. Additionally, transferring spices into tiny baby food-sized jars and labeling them by hand can free up a large amount of space and make spices stackable.

Keep cans in one cupboard area. Assign one shelf for each type of canned goods –soups, vegetables, and fruit. It will keep cans organized and easy to find. Can use extra space to store pasta or boxes of food, such as macaroni and cheese. You can also use These tips to create storage in the pantry.

Organizing a Kitchen Junk Drawer

One of the messiest places in any kitchen is the junk drawer. Any drawer can serve as a junk drawer where scissors, miscellaneous utensils, stamps, and other items end up scrambled together. Organizing a junk drawer can make the whole kitchen feel neater.

Get a drawer insert with sections, and assign each item to one area. It will make finding stamps, scissors, and other things more manageable. Throw away any old, broken, or unused items to free up space in the junk drawer. A junk drawer makes a great spot to store things like a needle and thread for a last-minute wardrobe emergency.

Where to Store Kitchen Utensils

Utensils are a significant cause of clutter in kitchens. Knives, spatulas, and other items can get mixed up in a drawer and cause injuries if the cook isn’t looking when reaching inside. Keeping utensils organized and neat is a great way to avoid accidental cuts and make cooking smoother.

Invest in a drawer insert for silverware. These have sections for each type of silver, including forks, spoons, and knives. For cooking knives, get a knife holder –these hold knives with the blade down, which keeps them organized, sharp, and away from fingers.

For larger utensils, such as spatulas, whisks, and salad tongs, get a wide vase that matches the counter and kitchen’s interior decoration. Store utensils near the stove or sink inside the vase for easy visibility and accessibility; it keeps them organized and neat.

Simple Ways to Organize Recipes

Keeping a group of index card recipes stacked on the counter can result in lost recipe cards and a disorganized counter. Keeping recipes organized makes cooking easier and helps chefs find the recipes they want. Scan recipes into the computer and keep them in a stored file for easy access.

Software like echef makes it easy to keep recipes organized on a computer –there are even search functions to look up specific ingredients and find all of their recipes containing them.

A neat kitchen is an easy way to keep a chef happy. Simple organizational tricks can make cooking easier, quicker, and more fun, all while keeping the kitchen neat and tidy in the process. Finding ways to store items in ways that complement the kitchen’s color scheme is a great way to help keep the kitchen looking stylish.


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