Popular Color Trends for Kitchens

The kitchen is probably the most used room in the house, but the kitchen design can often be lacking. Consider these popular color trends for your next kitchen remodel.

Choosing colors for home decorating can be difficult for any room, but especially in kitchens. Many people have trouble combining colors with cabinetry. Some fresh, new kitchen remodeling ideas, check out some of the more popular color combinations for kitchen decorating.

Popular Color Trends for Kitchens

According to HGTV.com, there are some current color trends that interior designers have been using in kitchens. Consider these hot color combos for remodeling a kitchen:

Gray and Brown

Brown has always been a popular neutral shade used in kitchens as the central theme – Especially in kitchen cabinetry. However, gray is starting to become the new “it” shade for kitchens. Consider pairing the two-gray tile backsplash with brown cabinetry. It puts a modern twist on the traditional kitchen.

Green and Silver

The color green has become very popular because of the move towards eco-friendly design, even for kitchens. Consider pairing soft green cabinetry or a green tile backsplash with silver, stainless steel appliances. Adding silver hardware to the cabinets will give them a more modern feel. The green and silver combination creates an overall modern look, country chic.

Red and White

For those more courageous, try going with a bold red cuisine. The stark distinction of red walls or a red backsplash mixed with white cabinetry will create an alluring, sophisticated kitchen. For an even more aggressive look, go with red cabinetry and dark gray walls paired with stainless steel accents for pop.

Blue and Black

Blue has always been known as a soothing, relaxing shade, which is why it has traditionally been used in bedrooms. But now, designers are bringing blues out into the kitchen as well. Try pairing painted blue cabinets with jet black countertops. Add silver accents by updating the hardware to stainless steel. The result will be truly spectacular.

Jewel Tones

Jewel colors, such as emerald green and ruby red, will pop in a kitchen paired with dark cabinetry. For a very modern and sophisticated kitchen design, combine a jewel-toned glass backsplash with dark gray cabinets. Add silver accents in cabinet hardware and stainless steel appliances for a clean, chic look. Finish the look off with a very simple and subtle countertop in a neutral white or white sparkle.

Black and White

Black and white always has and always will be a popular and sophisticated color palette for any room. It won’t look boring whatsoever if done right—pair black cabinetry with a crisp, clean white countertop. Highlight the dark cabinetry with silver hardware for a sleek look. Keep the walls pure white to keep the kitchen feeling bright and airy. The color scheme can also work in reverse, with white cabinetry and black countertops. Just keep the silver accents.

With these hot recent color trends, you’ll be able to turn any dull kitchen into a fantastic cooking paradise. With the variety of color choices, it’s easy to use one of these color combinations in any home. Here’s to a fabulous new kitchen!



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